Hi, my name is Aria Zarifpour! During the COVID-19 quarantine I thought to myself "Who is the most vulnerable and at-risk population right now?" The unhoused community came to mind. Due to their lack of supplies, sanitation, and money I knew they would be the most susceptible to get the virus. Because of this, I started GiveforLA to provide hygiene care packages to LA's unhoused community, hoping to provide safety and sanitation during the pandemic.

GiveforLA has been able to distribute over 11,500 hygiene products to LA's unhoused community! This has only been possible because of those in LA who extended their hearts to assist those in need.

 Donated to Santa Monica's unhoused community

Donated to the Bridge Home shelter

Donated to Santa Monica's unhoused community

Donated to the Downtown Women's Center

Donated to 211 LA County's unhoused families

Donated to the LA Mission

Donated to My Friend's Place unhoused youth center

Donated to SOVA

Donated to LavaMaex

Donated to Youth Emerging Stronger

Donated to Covenant House California

Donated to LavaMaex